A collage of photos showing participants working in one of The Ally Co's transformational learning experiences
Culture design

The world of work is experiencing a significant shift in power, further intensified by the global pandemic.

Employees are demanding (genuine) allyship and accountability from organizations in addressing deeply systemic issues such as diversity and inclusion, equity and justice, and power and ethics.

Our culture design work typicall follows our culture assessment work, using human-centred, systems-conscious, and power-aware methodologies to facilitate the activation of meaningful change on teams.

Design meaningful experiences

Helping create leaderful teams

We help teams design and support inclusive employee journeys that deepen connection and belonging in our world - from attracting new 'rockstar' team members to offboarding 'raving' alumni (and everything between).

Assessing the actual current-state

Our culture design work begins with helping teams to surface and define the most meaningful opportunities for closing the intention vs. impact gaps within their employee journey.

Using a range of inclusive activities - feedback surveys, interviews, group sessions, ethnography, and more - our approach enables teams to gain a deeper understanding of their true cultural impact through the experiences, perspectives, and feedback of their people.

Defining a meaningful future-state

Deeper levels of shared understanding and connection - instead of the unchecked assumptions of a select few - enable the teams we work with to confidently move into the ideation and design of a truly shared and desired future-state.

By creating safe, collaborative, and fun environments for this work to happen in, our culture design works help to create the space needed for the development of new levels of awareness and skill.

Creating aligned traction

Leaderful teams use their power consciously to develop meaningful connection, alignment, and impact. Their cultures create accountability for ethical leadership, psychological safety, healthy conflict, prioritized well-being and other values-driven outcomes.

At TACO, we have the experience and ability to facilitate the design and delivery of exceptional employee journeys and workplace cultures.


We have Spec-TACO-lar clients!

“I am so happy we chose to engage The Ally Co. to create an onboarding experience for our newest executive placement. The process was both inclusive and rewarding and set our organization up to succeed by highlighting important milestones in a deliberate plan, agreed upon in advance by our team. Personally, I found huge value in understanding the first 90 days of our new hire. This allowed me to be strategic with my early interactions and not risk overwhelming. This could not have gone better and was an excellent first impression for someone entering our environment.”
Mayor Jeff Genung, Cochrane
“The Ally Co. are passionate about creating environments where employees can bring their whole self to work. They lead with empathy and trust - building strong relationships across peers, colleagues and leaders resulting in change at a company and individual level. Their approach is empowering, thoughtful and personalized. I am fortunate to have them as confidants, trusted advisors, and friends.”
Meghan Armstrong, Senior Manager B2C Design at Glassdoor
“The Ally Co. came in to help our team and organization at Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids at a time when we were going through some difficult growing pains. Their approach was people-centred while guiding a clear and strategic path that acknowledged the growth and helped us become a more effective and efficient organization. They build trust with the people they are working with and lay a foundation for trust amongst the people. This ensures results for all.”
Tanya Koshowski, past Executive Director at Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids

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