A collage of photos showing participants working in one of The Ally Co's transformational learning experiences
Team-based learning
Personalized programs

Creating inclusive, collaborative, and impactful learning cultures requires a genuine commitment - beyond annual conferences and training days based on buzzwords and table-stakes.

Our personalized programs are designed to meaningfully connect the needs, values, and goals of of your team members with the unique systems and context of your organization. And, we can help you apply for grants.

Design your learning program

TACO-bout creating learning cultures

“We have been able to take our learnings and act on them, making them part of our day-to-day and helping to raise our team effectiveness, efficiency and trust.”
Shaun Corneille, VP Customer Marketing at BayerCrop Science Canada
“This work was critically important for us to function as a team before coming back to the office post Covid - given the dysfunctions and behaviours that existed previously. As a team, we’re a lot healthier and happier. Going forward, I think everybody feels safe coming back. This was a very important process for us to go through and The Ally Co. did a fantastic job to help get us here over the last 10 months.”
Rick Urbanczyk, Director of Facilities Services at TC Energy

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