A collage of photos showing The Ally Co transformational learning sessions
Impact survey engagements

In originally assessing potential service providers and survey technology for our work, we saw an exciting opportunity to create a more impactful experience and meaningful value for our clients.

More than a survey, our transformational impact survey engagements offer a safe, agile, and facilitated way for leaders, teams, and organizations to collect feedback from the people they are impacting.

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“What do I know about this from their perspective?”

Our survey engagements help to explore the question leaders and organizations should be asking themselves more often.

We currently offer two types of impact survey engagements – as a core discovery activity in our consulting work and as a baseline and delta assessment tool in our transformational learning programs.

Leadership surveys

Our leadership impact survey engagements are consciously designed for teams and organizations seeking to become more leaderful – both individually and collectively
How we assess leadership impact

Culture surveys

Our culture impact survey engagements are designed to help answer some powerful questions about workplace culture in teams and organizations.
How we assess culture impact
A collage of photos showing The Ally Co transformational learning sessions
More than surveys

Each of our survey engagements include a baseline and delta survey, and varying levels of the following activities and deliverables:

  • Planning and scheduling of key touchpoints
  • Reviewing any context-framing materials
  • Designing a client-centred experience
  • Drafting core messaging and communications
  • Managing the survey experience
  • Facilitating a ‘making sense of the data’ session
  • Developing a password-protected results site
  • Making recommendations and capturing a high-level roadmap
  • Offering ‘office hours’ for learnings-in-action (optional)
  • Facilitating an ‘assessment and debrief’ session (generally 3-6 months post baseline survey)

Questions? Thoughts? Feedback? Whatever it is, we would love to hear from you!