A collage of two photos showing TACO client teams participating in culture assessment activities.
Culture Design
Work better together

Establish ways of being and working together that clearly represent your team's values in action.

Our culture design work employs our 'Five D's for creating meaningful change' to help teams align intention and impact when it comes to the employee journey and team member experiences (think recruiting superstars, offboarding raving alumins, and everything in between).

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What do you know about your culture...from your team's perspective?

A team's (true) culture is not defined by what its leaders or marketing say it is. It's defined by the everyday actions, behaviours, and experiences of its members - and it starts with leadership.

Helping teams to ask powerful questions, practice deep listening, and engage in meaningful dialogue, requires a foundational level of awareness and skill that this work promises to deliver!

Comprehensive assessments

Designed for teams seeking a fuller 'current-state' understanding of their culture's impact on different groups of team members.

These engagements use a mix of discovery and design activities to explore each of the core drivers and indicators of our leadership and culture model, so teams can purposefully (and confidently) direct energy and effort towards the most meaningful opportunities.

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Deep-dive assessments

Designed for teams having recently (within a year) completed some initial discovery work to assess the current impact of their culture.

These engagements use a mix of discovery and design activities to 'dive deeper' into specific cultural drivers and indicators such as uses of power, psychological safety, feedback and recognition, well-being, and more.

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A group of culture assessment participants around a large boardroom table, looking at the facilitator who is telling a story with hand gestures.
More than a survey

While our feedback surveys are pretty awesome, the bigger value of our culture design work is delivered through the services, activities, and assets we offer.

  • Collaborative and agile project design approach
  • Flexible statements of work and/or agreements
  • Project success planning and management
  • Alignment session(s) with key sponsors and participants
  • Individual interviews and/or group workshops
  • 'Making Feedback Meaningful' sessions for participants
  • Fully managed feedback survey experiences
  • Tailor-able results dashboards and/or reports
  • Feedback review and planning sessions
  • Trusted advisor and traction hours
  • Debriefing and transitioning session(s)
Find the right assessment for your team

Questions? Thoughts? Feedback? Whatever it is, we would love to hear from you!