A collage of photos showing participants working in one of TACO's learning programs
Team Development
Elevate the collective

Make learning and development matter by offering experiences that acknowledge your team's existing systems and structures, projects and ways of working, and readiness for change.

Our team development work focuses on cultivating and activating new levels of awareness and skill in the most meaningful ways (and places). In other words, we help leaders and teams to operationalize their learning.

Is Leadership Development broken?

Places to start

Speaking Engagements

These cohort- or group-based speaking engagements are typically designed for organizations or associations seeking to offer their guests a more connecting, participatory, and engaging learning experiences.

Explore options for your event

Foundational Workshops

These introductory workshops, facilitated as half or full-day working sessions, are designed to help teams to develop foundational levels of connection, awareness, and skill together.

Start with the fundamentals

Tailored Programs

These tailored (and potentially grant-eligible) programs are for impact-conscious teams seeking to create a learning and development culture.

Create a (truly) leaderful team

Our principles for delivering impactful learning & development experiences

Our principles ensure we use our power consciously to affect meaningful change - change that requires teams to commit to going beyond 'off-the-shelf' courses and annual conference training days.


The days of putting the onus on one person to learn and return with solutions to systemic issues are hopefully limited.

Our team development work requires a certain level of commitment from the collective - mainly in the form of openness, participation, and accountability.


We acknowledge that the teams we work with are facing real issues today, and that they need to activate their learning sooner than later.

In addition to being engaging (and fun), all our team development work is designed and facilitated in alignment with the realities of our clients. In other words, we do this work with teams, not to them.


All of our team development work prioritizes activation, accountability, and traction.

By establishing clear goals, success measures, and regular feedback loops, we ensure accountability does not fall through the 'busy-ness' cracks.


How our clients TACO-bout our team development experiences

“What distinguishes The Ally Co. is not only their in-depth knowledge but also their commitment to creating an inclusive and interactive learning environment. The workshop, carefully crafted to encourage active participation, sparked meaningful conversations amoung our attendees. The practical tools and strategies shared were immediately applicable, and the follow-up information provided by The Ally Co. further enriched the learning experience and ongoing conversations. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we've received about the event speaks for itself.”
Julia Perkins, Director of Mentorship at IABC Calgary
“Our leadership development work was critically important for us to function as a team before coming back to the office post Covid - given the dysfunctions and behaviours that existed previously. As a team, we’re a lot healthier and happier now. Going forward, I think people feel more safe coming back. This was a very important process for us to go through and The Ally Co. did a fantastic job to help get us here over the last 10 months.”
Rick Urbanczyk, Director of Facilities Services at TC Energy
“Working in the non-profit sector with a goal to create and nurture lasting social impact is extremely rewarding and fills a passion for so many. It can also be lonely and uncertain work, often leaving leaders and teams with more questions than tools and answers. The Ally Co.’s transformational leadership program provided real-time thinking and tools to help our team foster more collaborative, impactful, and healthy cultural practices. ”
Eryn Dewald, Past Executive Director at Children's Link Society
“We have been able to take our learnings and act on them, making them part of our day-to-day and helping to raise our team effectiveness, efficiency and trust.”
Shaun Corneille, VP Customer Marketing at BayerCrop Science Canada

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