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Team-based learning

Creating culturally connected and high-performing teams requires the ability to meaningfully align the needs, values, and goals of individuals and the unique systems they are a part of.

Our team-based learning and development experiences are specifically designed to help teams cultivate the deeper levels of awareness and skill required for this.

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Our team learning and development services, each dependant on needs, priorities, and 'readiness' (which we can help assess).

All of our team-based learning engagements are designed (and facilitated) to deliver safe, practical, and supported experiences.

Speaking engagements

These group-based learning experiences are collaboratively designed for associations, institutions, and other collectives seeking to offer their audiences a more engaging, participatory, and relational experience.

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Foundational workshops

These introductory workshops are designed to help activate foundational levels of awareness and skill on teams seeking to deepen their connection, alignment, and performance.

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Personalized programs

These tailored (and potentially grant-eligible) programs are for teams who are committed to intentionally operationalizing learning and development within their culture.

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Our learning experience design principles

Meaningful learning and growth requires a level of prioritization and accountability that goes beyond off-the-shelf courses and annual training days (and/or putting the onus on one person to come back with solutions to systemic issues).

Our design principles ensure that we are driving meaningful change with the teams we work with.

1. Team-based

Our learning and development services are not for teams looking for a ‘send-one-person-to-learn-and-come-back-and-fix-all-the-stuff’. They require a level of collective commitment and participation to effectively deepen understanding, connection, performance.

2. Real-time

We understand that the teams we work with are facing real challenges and opportunities today, and that they need to activate learning sooner than later.

In addition to being engaging and fun (obviously), our learning and development experiences are based on each team's realities (i.e., bring your problems and challenges and let’s get moving on them together!).

3. Action-oriented

All our learning and development services prioritize the activation of learning - within the workshops or programs themselves - by establishing meaningful progress or impact measures and activities.


Our clients TACO-ing about their experiences

“Working in the non-profit sector with a goal to create and nurture lasting social impact is extremely rewarding and fills a passion for so many. It can also be lonely and uncertain work, often leaving leaders and teams with more questions than tools and answers. The Ally Co.’s transformational leadership program provided real-time thinking and tools to help our team foster more collaborative, impactful, and healthy cultural practices. ”
Eryn Dewald, Executive Director at Children's Link Society
“Our leadership development work was critically important for us to function as a team before coming back to the office post Covid - given the dysfunctions and behaviours that existed previously. As a team, we’re a lot healthier and happier now. Going forward, I think people feel more safe coming back. This was a very important process for us to go through and The Ally Co. did a fantastic job to help get us here over the last 10 months.”
Rick Urbanczyk, Director of Facilities Services at TC Energy
“We have been able to take our learnings and act on them, making them part of our day-to-day and helping to raise our team effectiveness, efficiency and trust.”
Shaun Corneille, VP Customer Marketing at BayerCrop Science Canada

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