The impact of 'unchecked' assumptions on our relationships

January 31, 2023
Pablo Romero

'Unchecked' assumptions play a pivotal role in creating harmful 'intention vs. impact gaps' for most people...especially leaders and teams. And...we all do it!

Whether we are wearing our leader hat, our parent hat, or any other hat, we make all kinds of assumptions about people and things. It's quite automatic (reactive).

We all do it

We're a judge-y species after all, and in some cases this has (and can) serve us well. For example, 'walking towards that growling sound in the bush might not end well', 'giving my SIN to this nice person calling from the government is not a good idea', etc.

But 'unchecked' assumptions can also negatively impact our relationships, quality of work, and personal purpose.

What 'unchecked' assumptions are you holding?

Just for you, here are some of the 'unchecked assumptions' we've been helping leaders and teams cultivate awareness, willingness, and skill to navigate:

Do any of these sound familiar?

Some helpful tools for checking assumptions

Here are some tools that have been helpful for us and our clients to raise awareness individual and collective awareness as we go about our journeys of creating meaningful connection and positive impact. Or, as we sometimes say, 'check your self, before you wreck your self and your relationships'.

More resources and insights here if you're picking up what we're putting down.

We hope you find this helpful, and please let us know what tools or guides that are helping you!

Questions? Thoughts? Feedback? Whatever it is, we would love to hear from you!